Friday, July 2, 2010

A poem for my angel above (wrote in 2007)

Here is a Poem that I wrote for my daughter Jocelyn Elizabeth who passed away July 3, 2006 yes 4 years ago today.

I gotta hear u cry
I gotta hear u coo
You gave me a smile
You gave me a frown
You weren't suppose to go
But jesus said it was your time
And we should never argue with Jesus
Please tell your grandpa I love and miss him
I know your not here with me anymore
But your memory will forever be with me.
Please remember me for I carried you 9months and I got to hold you and see you cry for 6month.
Please remember your daddy also for he loves you and misses you so much
I love you Jocelyn for now your my baby Angel.
Please let grandpa take care of you since I am not up there to care for you.
You were taken from me too soon.
I only gotta care for you for 6months but memories of you last a lifetime. I LOVE YOU JOCELYN

Love your Mommy